Conducting Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a fact of life in human resources. Every company does them, and nearly everyone involved dreads them. All too often it seems to the participants that it is a waste of time at best—management has to take time out of “work” to compile a year’s worth of observations and go over them with employees, while employees have to take time out of their day to go in and be confronted with everything they’ve done wrong for the past year, making excuses for whatever sub-par performance they may be ambushed with during the meeting. Sound familiar?

The High Cost of Maintaining Technology In-House

Nearly two-thirds of small businesses and organizations are expected to buy new IT equipment this year, replacing one in four office computers.  Vendors now offer powerful computers at discounted prices, but what will this equipment really cost you in the long run?  Whether you purchase a PC, notebook, server or other network hardware, you will likely experience sticker shock once you factor in the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Use Meta Tags to Drive Traffic to your Site

Meta Tags are bits of data, noticeable to the search engines. The main objective of this is to make it simpler for them to discover pages, relevant to a searchers inquiry. These are a fragment of the HTML of your web pages and are included in your code as your site is built up. Most of the CMS (Content Management Systems) will give you with the choice to include and alter your Meta Tags with no improvement work.

Outsourcing Your Tech Team and Winning Big

So, you settled for outsourcing your software development. A big decision is made. Where to start? What to do first?

There’s so much been written, so many best practices established, numerous consultancies are always ready to advise on the optimum ways for your best value. This part, though the most profound, can be addressed in various ways.

Increase ROI with BI Tools and Azure Analytics

Emerging competition and fierce financial pressures are driving businesses to embark on a digital transformation journey. A new Harvard Business Review Analytics Service survey revealed that data-driven enterprises are better positioned to manage this disruption and become market leaders. In this survey, 87% of the respondents believed that analytics proficiency will be a competitive differentiator in their industry over the next two years.

Building your Own Charts with Power BI

Power BI provides us with an easy way to create stunning, interactive reports. In this article, we will start by explaining what Power BI is and why it is so useful. We will then see how to create a Power BI Pie chart. If you’re a beginner to Power BI and want to see how it can help you create awesome reports quickly and easily – read on.