Sample Interactive BI Dashboards

We have helped many businesses with BI Dashboards that enrich Data Visualization and build new Capabilities

Inventory Management

In retail and manufacturing industries, inventory management is vital to business success. Always be in the know of top-level performance metrics and could drill into inventory levels instantly.

Key performance metrics for inventory control can be easily seen at a glance. Manage inventory levels across all warehouse locations and products to compare stock, profit sitting on the shelf and approaching reorder points. View a list of the most scrapped items across warehouses or the average listing prices for each product subcategory. Open the customized hidden filter on the right to start slicing the report by finished goods, various product hierarchy levels, such as product category, subcategory or just product names. The report filters can be reset with a touch of a button as well.

The report uses data from AdventureWorks.
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Financial Accounting

Financial and accounting reports are critical for management to evaluate the health of a business. Given their importance, these reports should not be boring to read and difficult to understand.

This customized Power BI report features an Income statement that brings attention to the high-level revenue and expense accounts with vivid data bars that show actual vs budget performance. Expand specific row items or the entire statement to drill into the data. With the slicers nicely placed on the left, chop up the report and insights by months, quarters or various departments across the business. Colorful metrics on top change dynamically with each slice. Tailored visuals can give insight to actual vs budget by department, marketing expense breakdowns and much more.

Take control of your business with impressive financial and accounting reports that give you the insight to make intelligent decisions.
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Web Traffic

Launching a website is a standard practice for companies looking to expand their business to reach a wider audience. This web traffic dashboard provides an effective reporting tool that allows you to analyze, track, and monitor your website’s critical performance metrics in real-time—all from one interface.

The web traffic dashboard above is one of many examples that can keep your team on the same page by tracking metrics like visitors, pageviews, and online conversions, which helps to ensure you’re creating the most optimal user experience for your online customers. The dashboard features easily readable cards with trendlines for key web traffic performance metrics to appear at the top of the report. All the images adjust to any of the filters applied, whether the report is sliced by date, specific web pages, the source of traffic, and more. Watch the flow of page views come in from various social media platforms or search engines and see what pages they tend to hit. Click on any of those flows so the entire report represents only data related to that flow. Hover over the bubble chart and see how much time visitors spend on the site. What pages do visitors land on the most, where do they click next, how long do they stay on these pages, do they convert to revenue?

These are all questions we can help answer with a customized dashboard like this. Whether connecting Power BI to Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics or any other source, we can help make sense of your web traffic.
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